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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Me stuff's all over the telly!

So that's good.

I've  just finished my own cut of the Millbank student protest. I would've finished it earlier, but I was frantically uploading stuff to Ch4, just a few minutes before the story aired on telly. Madness. Really need to get our own broadband soon and stop nicking the open Wifi from the house opposite :/

BROADCASTERS AND PAPERS: this footage is not available as News Access

I don't really feel like I've had time to reflect on the event... Didn't even have enough time for a shower last night (getting back home about 1am and working on the footage til about 6).

What's gonna change?
Obviously tuition fees will MASSIVELY rise; double or triple depending on where you study.
So that's really bad for students, but then as I understand, the paying back has been significantly improved for the student: only when you're on a decent wage - unless perhaps you live in London - 21k if I recall, do you then pay anything back.

I'm really struggling to get a clear before & after on the policy; can anyone help?
I feel a bit detached having just returned to UK politics from my 6 week documentary shoot..

Taken from here:
Under the proposals, students will start repaying their loans at 9% of their income at a real rate of interest when they earn £21,000, up to inflation plus 3% for those earning £41,000 or more, with outstanding loans written off after 30 years.
Students who pay off their loans early could be hit with a financial penalty.
A UCU analysis concludes that a graduate earning the national average salary of £31,916 would have a 19.3% higher tax bill than colleagues who had not been to university, for the duration of their student loan repayments.
Teachers, police inspectors and doctors could see their bills rise by around a quarter, it claimed.
The British Medical Association said medical students would be left with debts of nearly £70,000.

o2 Think Big got back to me during the protest saying they're very interested in supporting us. If that happens I will SMILE.


  1. ATTEMPTED MURDER??! What the fuck!?

    Everyone's warning me that the police are likely to contact me about going through my footage, but if they're only looking for an attempted murder charge they can give up approaching me.

    No one on that roof had the INTENTION of killing people. Fact.

    I'm hoping they're just trying to scare the guy.


    Just been called by Mail on sunday by 2 different people today trying to convince me to show the footage to someone. They're obssessed with getting the story on who dropped the fire extinguisher.

    I literally feel like they'd almost resort to writing a story on me with holding footage if I said no, literally they're saying I'd get minted for helping them identify the guy. HELLO! THERE WAS A REALLY IMPORTANT STATEMENT BEHIND THE EVENT TOO!

  2. You are a grass. Bastard. You've ruined that guy's life.


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