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Friday, November 5, 2010

Change The Future goes to parliament

One of our main supporters, Big Challenge, invited us to the houses of parliament where we met lots of other prize winners for this year and last year, did a bit of mingling and wandered about a pretty swish .....apartment(?) it was a very old beautiful sort of entertainment suite but had a fairly massive bed in one room, so I'm not sure.

ANYway, there were some pretty inspiring people there, and a heap of lords and baronesses as well as about 30 people working in goverment organisations.
Charlie and I split up so we could cover more ground and shake more hands, but in reality I spent most of my time trying to push other people out of the way of Tim Loughton, as he was pretty up our street working for the Dept for Education... Still waiting to hear back from Nick Gribb who he put us on to regarding getting hold of a database of schools across the UK...

Need to do a heap more fundraising. Probably looking into o2 think big next, there's some great stuff on there.

Also got a bit excited after Googling 'Fix the world' and stumbling across Wearewhatwedo; talking to them at the moment too. Hopefully we'll collaborate in some way. they're pretty overwhelmingly massive though.

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  1. this actually happened a couple of days ago as I only set the blog up yesterday.
    5th November probably wouldn't have been as appropriate a time to host this even in parliament


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