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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One trait I love in clever people is  Not getting used to something just cause it's been that way for ages.

If it's ducked up  it's ducked up and it needs to change.

One ducked up thing in my opinion is the way our political parties talk about each other.
Almost without exception  it reminds me of immature children bickering about each other, spending all of their time and effort thinking about what failures they can highlight.

Wouldn't it just be really refreshing if the current government looked back on the previous office and just said "Yeah, i'd have probably done some things differently but hey, there's been some big challenges and tricky calls to make. So let's learn from these experiences and do our best to improve."

I just think it's a rubbish example to set for the public.
Blame isn't going to help anyone. Compassion and empathy will.

Working together, sharing ideas, sharing wisdom..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

o2 funding, Website plans, Project outlines, etc

It's been a while since the last post, and only partly  because every facet of my life has been stuck in snow.

a lot of STUFF has transpired:
  1. Spoke again to o2 Think Big and they definitely sound interested; I think it's going to happen - Come on guys! We want you in on this!

  2. It's 4:10am and I've just cracked it... After countless days with Charlie brainstorming how we can create a website that provides all of the features that are needed to address the key problems in today's dysfunctional education system (particularly secondary school) it's happened.
    It literally just clicked and I could see it. It feels like every important button has a place now and I can finally imagine using the site. Either I am suffering sleep deprivation or I feel a bit like Mark Zuckerberg probably did when he invented Facebook (except that I'm sober)

    Here's the main layout which will soon be in a presentable form:

  3. Outlines for the project have been drafted in many forms. Understandably (I hope) a massive and pretty original idea like this is fairly hard to summarise briefly in a nice shiny paragraph; something we've been griping with for a good while.

    I'd love your thoughts on these Google Docs as we pull them together:
    What exactly is CTF?
    Problems in education

  4. Also while visiting my mum in Devon over Christmas, I met up with David Gribblewho is a bit of a legend; a kind of mentor for me and was heavily behind Sands School which I went to, and also the notorious Dartington Hall School...

    We watched a great documentary called Race To Nowhere about the american school system which I'd definitely recommend. Will check out Schooled and Waiting For Superman next. WeAreThePeopleWe'veBeenWaitingFor also pretty cool.

  5. Finally I'm planning some more shooting:
  • Ask a handful of headteachers what they point of school is
  • Find some kids skipping school during lesson time and talk to them about why they're doing it