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About us

Luke Flegg
24, Bournemouth

I've worked a few years in the film industry (camera and lighting) and have also freelanced loads in photography and video.
Went to a few different secondary schools in Oxford and Devon. As well as big mainstream state schools, these included small rural schools, 2 pupil referral units (when I was a norty kid) and one of the most radical alternative schools in Europe (probably the world)!

Haven't studied in posh private (or single sex) schools but have worked quite a lot in them (also religious schools)...

This varied experience is a major reason why I care about school and how different it is (and what the effects of different approaches are)

Over the last few years I've attended education conferences internationally and have quite a lot of links to crazy and amazing schools and organisations and visited some fascinating schools doing things really differently.

In fact the main thing they seem to have in common is that they don't communicate much with other schools (especially through the students) which is a shame

Charlie Shread
21, Bournemouth

I am currently interested in:
Getting the world better educated
Writing scripts (or dreaming of stories and pretending I write them)
Making Music
Having lots of social fun and Larftar
Everything Sciencey - Nature, the Universe, Consciousness, Psychology, Technology, etc
Travelling and Exploring (whenever possible)
Cooking nice food
Running to things (such as train stations)
Festivals - particularly WOMAD
Reading science fiction (now: Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy)
Clever people's quotes (e.g. "Happiness never decreases by being shared." Buddha)

I'm currently on the Film Production course at AUCB, as well as working on making Change The Future become a real working project, and every-so-often doing PassionWorks things with Luke and Jake.
I highly recommend these websites: ted.com, topdocumentaryfilms.com, documentarystorm.com.
Here's a funny I made with Miggy: vimeo.com/13324131

I think life is a massive lot of FUN. Sure there's lots of bad things happening, but there's no point getting depressed about it; if we care about having a better future, let's change it :)