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Monday, October 3, 2011

Meeting the education Guru

Today was an exciting day because I met with Derry Hannam.

He's a really important person to me because he is
  • an ex-Ofsted inspector
  • ex-Headteacher/Deputy head
  • Occasional government advisor on Education policy
  • Author and researcher
  • lovely
He's also a real advocate of alternative approaches to education although he works and focuses on the mainstream as opposed to residing in a bubble of hippy schools.
When I arrived he was just finishing an email essentially advising the dutch government on how to inspect Sudbury Valley schools. (In many ways, more radical that my democratic school)

 Asides from a random bird watching excursion he took me on at the mouth of Southampton, we were pretty thick in ChangeTheFuture for 2 days.
He was completely amazing and gave me many exciting leads we're following now.
I feel like it's coming together. Charlie and I just need to put in the time.

It's largely about finding a lead web developer now. All the other tasks feel within arms reach, largely thanks to Derry.

Derry convinced us to definitely include primary school.
"You can't just not listen to what a 10 year old  has to offer just cause they're a year too young to be in secondary school. The problems reach beyond secondary education."

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